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We are manufacturing a wide range of Vibro Screen Separator these vibro screen separator are fabricated using high grade raw material & are can high perfomance efficiency easy of use & durability available in standered specification . our vibro separetor available in 2 dack screen and 3 dack screen.

Model Power Capacity in Wheat
MVS2-100/200 (0.37 x 2) kw 4 t/h
MVS3-100/200 (0.37 x 2) kw 4 t/h
MVS2-150/200 (0.37 x 2) kw 6 t/h

Vibro Destoner machine workes based on the difference in grain specific gravity, grainsize, shape and surface state. the working table is covered with a woven wire mesh bed,through which air flows from below. heavy impurity such as stone are not lifted by air cushion and stay on the mesh bed. the vibatory motion of the table causes the heavy impurity (stone or sand) transported to the beginning of the regulating plate at far end of the machine.

Model Power Aspiration Capacity
MVD-65/120 (0.37) kw 70 m³/min 3-5 t/h
MVD-100/120 (0.37 x 2) kw 100 m³/min 4-6 t/h
MVD-120/120 (0.37 x 2) kw 130 m³/min 6-8 t/h

Magnet Destoner (Mud Ball Separetor) :- our magnetic destoner uses special strong magnetic roller at the front end of the conveyore belt, which can easily remove the impurities and minerals with weak magnetic component such as soil mud ball,light stone, brick tips, etc in the material.

It is widely used in the field of grain, beans, spice and other food raw material the sorting process of many grain and foods, there will be some impurity such as soil block, light stone , bricks tips, etc ,which are difficult to be removed by sorting equipment such as metal detector,specific gravity separetor,screening machines and destoner. magnetic destoner is an expert to solve such problems.

Model Power Capacity
MMD-75 (0.37x2) kw 3-5 t/h
MMD-100 (0.37 x 2) kw 4-6 t/h
MMD-150 (0.37 x 2) kw 6-8 t/h

Gravity Separator are used for separating product of the same size but with different specific weight they are used effectively for removing partially eaten, immture & broken seeds to ensure maximum quality of the fine product. Our gravity separetor dack rpm control by automatick v.f.d system.

Model Power Capacity
MGS-3F (0.75+3.75) kw 1-2 t/h
MGS-5F (0.75+5.5) kw 3-4 t/h
MGS-7F (1.1+7.5) kw 5-7 t/h

Drum Sieve is suitable for multiple grains and spices such as wheat, pulses, rice, maize, coriander, ajwain, methi, etc. It efficiently separates coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, pouch, bag tapes, papers pieces of wood and leaves efciently. Drum Sieve machine protects damage for other machines of the plant.

Model Power Capacity
MDS-750 0.75 kw 15-25 t/h
MDS-950 0.75 kw 25-50 t/h
MDS-1250 0.75 kw 50-100 t/h

Milltop Engineering manufacturing best qualitty pulses hulling machine. This machine use for remove pulses and seed coat. Milltop has stringent desing parameters of dynamical balancing, efficient drive & bearing and adjustable counter weight outlet controller, this leads to reduced power requirment for the process. Our hulling machine advanced features for whole machine degree adjustment and gap adjustment between stone and screens so that pulses and seeds have minimum brakage. Profitability is greatly improved due to lower power requirment combined with high throughput.

Model Power Capacity
MHL-300 7.5 kw 1.5 - 2.5 t/h
MHL-350 11 kw 2.5 - 3.5 t/h
MHL-400 11 kw 3 - 4 t/h
MHL-450 15 kw 4 - 5 t/h

Milltop Engineering has manufactured a very advanced quality Splitter Machine. It is an advanced quality machine specially designed for splitting different types of pulses, grains and spices like Red Lentils (Massor), Black Lentils (Urad), Bean Lentils (Moong), Chikpea (Chana), Toor (Arahar), Coriander (Dhaniya) etc. It is also used in plucking the mustache of Cumin, Fennel, Ajwain etc. It is very important machine for any type of pulses, grains, and spice mill because in any type of prouduct should be required minimum loss and maximum production. in our manufacturing special desing Splitter Machine used any type of pulses ,grain and spice gets the minimum loss and maximum splitting or plucking of the mustache.

Model Power Capacity
MSPL-600 2.25 kw 3-4 t/h
MSPL-800 3.75 kw 4-6 t/h

We provide a wide assortment of material handling Bucket Elevators widely used in several industries and sectors. Our bucket elevator design and fabrication is very high quality. We use food grade rubber belt, special wing pulley, shovel type bucket in our elevator so due to its use, the loss of your product breakage will be minimized.

Model Power Capacity
MLTBE-100 0.74 kw 3-5 t/h
MLTBE-125 0.74 kw 5-8 t/h
MLTBE-150 1.1 kw 8-10 t/h
MLTBE-175 1.5 kw 16-20 t/h
MLTBE-200 1.5 kw 20-25 t/h
MLTBE-250 2.25 kw 25-35 t/h

The Screw Conveyor or Auger Conveyor is designed in many variations and subsequently, applicable to many mixing installation and techniques. The rotating helical blade transports powder, seeds or granular material horizontally or upwards in the vessel for optimal mixing. Depending on your requirements such as capacity, transport height and bulk density, we customize screw conveyor to offer you the best possible solution.

Model Power Capacity
MSC-150 0.75 kw 2-4 t/h
MSC-175 0.75 kw 4-6 t/h
MSC-200 0.75 kw 6-8 t/h
MSC-250 1.5 kw 8-10 t/h
MSC-300 1.5 kw 10-12 t/h

The Vibro Aspiration Channel is mainly used for the separetion of husk and lighter weight particles from wheat, pulses, barley, oats, corn etc. At cleaning section of the mill, the grain is fed through the feed - shoe that is kept horizontally oscillating by a vibro motor at the sametime the cleaned product keeps the outlet, the lighter particles are removed and carried in to the aspiration channel and discharged to the waste conveying line by air flow.

Model Power Capacity
MVS-1000 0.37 kw 3-4 t/h
MVS-1500 0.37 kw 4-6 t/h

Milltop Engineering has developed a series of Cyclone Dust Collectors where you can get maximum efficiency of dust separation with low power consumption. This has resulted in better outlet emission, lesser load on bag filter or dust collection system, improving life of filter bags and better recovery of prduct.

Model Power
MCY-900 0.75 kw
MCY-1100 0.75 kw
MCY-1300 0.75 kw
MCY-1500 0.75 kw
MCY-1750 1.5 kw
MCY-2000 1.1 kw

This has been designed to the protect the dust aspirator and filter bags after the garbage separator and air canal in the pre-cleanig system. It discharges and prevents seeds, pulses or light particles inside the air carried by the dust aspirator from entering the filter or cyclone. It prevent seeds, pulses or light particles from damaging the dust aspirator and perforating filter bags.

Model Power
MHC-300 0.75 kw
MHC-350 0.75 kw
MHC-400 0.75 kw
MHC-500 0.75 kw

Milltop Engineering is leading Centrifugal Blower manufacturer and supplier all over world. Centrifugal fans comprise of hosting, impellers and drive collection. The impellers are accuracy balanced. Centrifugal Blowers are well engineered and have high competence incorporating all newest technologies. Centrifugal blowers can be accessible in standard and variable width of impellers. Milltop success is based upon our skill, high degree of flexibility ,exceptional product range and a strong pledge to quality assurane.

Model Power
MCF-10 3.75 kw
MCF-20 5 kw
MCF-30 7.5 kw
MCF-40 9.35 kw
MCF-50 11.25 kw
MCF-60 15 kw
MCF-70 18.5 kw

We have leading specialization in manufacturing of truck loader - unloader mobile conveyor unit for all applications like boxes, cartons, bags, etc in warehouse, botteling, distileries, pharmaceuticals, etc or any other places where material needs to be moved rapidly & effciently. This conveyor is reduces maximum labour & saves time. Feauters are easy movability, slider bed design, zero maintenance.

Model Power Capacity
MTL-10 1.5+0.75 kw 100 kg / bag
MTL-15 2.25+0.75 kw 100 kg / bag